Exterior and Interior

There are two important rules that determine the durability of an exterior painting job.
  • Rule #1: Take the extra time to do the job right.
  • Rule #2: Use only high-quality paints.
At Town & Country, we begin every exterior paint job by always brushing the first coat, so the paint permeates the surface, then we spray the second coat using highest-quality Sherwin-Williams paints. That's why a Town & Country exterior paint job generally lasts 3-4 years longer than our competitors. And we always use Sherwin-Williams paints exclusively for our interior residential painting, which offers smoothness, stain resistance and superior durability.

The Right Colors

Choosing the best color for your home’s exterior depends on several factors. Including the type of roof, the style of your home, neighboring homes, landscaping and windows. Our experienced paint professionals can guide you in selecting the best exterior or interior colors that compliment your home. And if you'd like to do a little research of your own, we recommend visiting www.sherwin-williams.com. It's a fun, interactive website allowing you to select from an endless palate of colors and see how they might look on a home exterior or an interior room that's similar to your own.